Ride 4 Charity

Mixing passion for youth education and motorcycles.


Elizabeth and Michael are very excited to raise funds to expand already incredible training provided by BDPA.  All donations go directly to BDPA's 501(c)3 BDPA Education Technology Foundation for the benefit of all communities across the USA (46+ BDPA chapters).  

We are excited about combining a passion for volunteerism, motorcycles, providing youth with options in selecting education and careers.  We are raising funds that directly benefit youth and provide options when some may have none.  #BDPA 's motto "From the classroom, to the boardroom" means they provide membership support for elementary students all the way through senior management in I/T businesses.  100% of this effort is focused on youth education to expand and go online with "FREE" technology classes.


Elizabeth & Michael have been heavily involved in many volunteer causes over the years and have landed on giving kids options for careers and education in technology through BDPA.

How can you help?

Personal Challenge

They plan a grueling 7000+ mile trek via motorcycle around the perimeter of the United States.

Neither are endurance athletes but regular people that care more about giving back than personal sacrifice to raise funds.

All donations go directly to the BDPA Foundation (BETF).  How can you help? In-Kind? Financial? 

Make youth technical education dreams a reality today!

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